Welcome to the EAL page.

(English as an Additional Language)

You can find out about our children that speak English as a 2nd language on this page.

Currently, we have 36 children that speak a different language as their 1st language.

Foundation – 4 EAL children

Year 1 – 4 EAL children

Year 2 – 5 EAL children

Year 3 – 9 EAL children

Year 4 – 4 EAL children

Year 5 – 6 EAL children

Year 6 – 4 EAL children

They speak Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese and Indian.

Miss. E Corrado is the EAL co-ordinator at our school. She teaches the Flamingo Class (Class 5).

Primary schools are now given £535 for each child in their 1st year at their 1st English school and the same in their 2nd year.  This money could be used for other EAL children if the school feels they need it.

Non Uniform Day

Ariana is from Romania. She decided to wear a Romanian dance dress to school for our non-uniform day.

Food Tasting

Last year we had an EAL week.  The children took part in EAL workshops from an outside organisation.  This involved different activities, such as learning about how it can make you feel if you are an EAL child and information about different countries.

We also invited the EAL parents into our school to cook food from their country.  We had a lot of fun tasting the different food!  We always welcome EAL parents into our school to help us with our work.

The children also took part in lessons with their teachers that involved learning about different countries and speaking their languages.

EAL Assembly

Our EAL children told the school about the country they have come from. They made displays showing maps, food and things they like.

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