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Dear all,

Many of the tasks suggested for your children during this time require your child to access resources online, including the use of search engines and video sharing website such as YouTube.

In school we have restrictions in place to reduce the likelihood of the children accessing inappropriate material whilst online.

If you do not already have web filters in place, we recommend contacting your internet service provider (BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk etc.), who will be able to advise you on how to set these up.

Putting these measures in place will provide a degree of protection for your child whilst online as, particularly when so many of you will be working from home, it is unlikely that your child can be directly supervised at all times.

With our children accessing learning opportunities online, we want to ensure that you are all aware of reporting routes so that you and your child can raise any concerns whilst online. The following organisations provide practical support and guidance.

· Childline ( <>) – for support

· UK Safer Internet Centre (<>) – to report and remove harmful online content

· CEOP ( <>) – for advice on making a report about online abuse

Please keep yourself updated on the latest advice surrounding apps and social media, this is a great site where you can search information on the latest apps.

It is always useful to note the age restrictions on some of these sites.

· <>

Attached at the bottom is the latest parent guidance from Think U Know website.

Lots of advice and activities on this site to support your family.

Any concerns or if you have any advice to share with others then please contact us at

Stay safe !

Mrs Constanza & Mr Parker


Think U Know – Parent Guidance

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