At Wembdon St George’s we have adopted Bug Club to teach Phonics. This provides the structure for our phonics provision; it is a ‘robust programme of high-quality phonic work to be taught systematically’.


The Phases progress from early speaking and listening skills in Phase 1 to learning the sounds, blending and segmenting CVC and then more complex words with alternative graphemes and phonemes learnt in Phase 5 .  Children start their systematic phonics on entry to the Reception class and are taught daily in whole class groups.


Once children have learnt the first 10 sounds, they will begin to bring home a reading book. In Year One and Two children continue to bring home books weekly.

Children will be given a book which closely matches their Phonic knowledge and can be used to help them consolidate their learning. In addition to this, the children also have access to a wide range of individual reading books through the online Bug Club.  The use of phonetically decodable books encourages the use of phonics as the first approach to reading unknown words.

Alongside this, ‘Common Exception Words’ (CEW) are taught to speed up decoding.

Useful Videos

Phonics Video for Parents

Pupil Word Guide for Parents

What are pure sounds?
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